My Story

In 2015, I took a big risk in my life. I quit my job and took a 6 month sabbatical. The purpose of taking a  sabbatical was to self-realize, try new things, and figure out my next steps. Self-realizing is tough to do when you’re 28 years old. But, I gave it my best shot.

On Day 1 of my sabbatical, I deep cleaned our grill. I woke up early that morning, made a pot of coffee, and rushed outside with excitement. I disassembled the entire grill, scrubbed the grates, cleaned, primed and polished the thing until it looked brand new. I hadn’t had that much fun in a long time.  

On Day 2 I got out my ruler, colored pens, and huge white “thinking” paper, and created a sabbatical calendar. Then I created a sabbatical to-do list. And a sabbatical project list. I had all of my days mapped out, all of my “must try this” items written down. I had a plan. I could not WAIT for this sabbatical to get started.

On Day 3 I purged all of our office papers, re-purposed the office closet, labeled receipts, re-visited some budget items in excel, and took the car to the car wash. I really like their free vacuum stations. Because I love to vacuum.

Days 4 – 30 followed this same pattern. After I completely re-organized and re-systematized everything in our home, I found myself helping other people organize their lives. I organized things, papers, finances, calendars, projects, lists, more things, files, taxes.  I organized everything. Cleaned everything. Systematized everything.

I couldn’t get enough. These were activities that fed my soul and brought me deep joy. These activities also happened to be things that most people hate. Despise. Cringe at the thought. But I LOVED it.

On Day 30, my husband lovingly said to me, “These 6 months are about you. Take time for yourself to reflect, meditate, discover. Do you what you want to do. You don’t have to work so hard every day.”  

Work so hard? This isn’t work. This is play! Fun! Joy!  

He was right, however, about the discover part. I did take time to discover. And what I found was my unique ability.

And what would that be?

Taking chaos and creating order.

Taking stress and creating peace.

Taking inefficiency and creating efficiency.


At the end of my 6 months, as I sat at my kitchen island polishing my silverware (because I had run out of things to do), I realized that I wanted to start my own business.  

January of 2016, I filed my LLC. Six months later, I hired a business coach. One year later, I have helped dozens of people create systems in their homes and businesses. I have not worked one day since starting my business, which is how I know I am doing what I love, what is truly my passion.  

I can’t wait to work with you!