I want to focus on calendars.

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Coming Fall 2021

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have too many calendars floating around?
feel stressed about to-dos but not sure what needs to get done?
lack systems for managing house projects?
feel like your partner is on a completely different page with what’s going on?
feel overwhelmed by to-dos?
forget to do things?
forget about events?
forget about birthdays?
not have a plan for the week?
feel unsure how to manage time and feel overcommitted?
feel unsure how to set realistic goals?
not have a routine - just surviving from one day to the next?

learn how to create a shared digital calendar.
learn how to set up a shared digital to-do system.
learn how to effectively plan your day.
learn how to free up your schedule and prioritize YOU.
learn about brain-dumping.
learn how to shift your family's mindset from an individual to a team approach.
learn what to do with all those TO-DOS swarming in your head.
learn how to prioritize tasks.
learn how to delegate or delete.
learn how to create a command center.
learn to love spreadsheets.
learn how to have a weekly "team" meeting with your partner.

feel in control of your time and your schedule.
feel confident knowing what needs to get done.
feel less head clutter.
feel more connected with your partner.
feel like you’re in a groove with your schedule.
feel fully prepared for events and projects.
feel excited about upcoming projects.
feel productive and accomplished when the day is finished.

how to create a calendar and to-do management system that works for your family.
how to manage your time efficiently and effectively.
how to create a weekly routine.
how to create a plan for each day and execute this plan with intention.
how to carve out quality time for yourself and your family.
how to effectively manage a shared to-do list.
how to manage a large home project.
how to break out of a chaotic schedule and settle into a fluid routine.
how to stay on top of your to-do list.

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