I want to focus on cash.

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Coming Fall 2021!

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feel stressed about money?
have files overflowing with paperwork?
have piles of papers on the kitchen island?
have accumulated mail?
not have a paper system?
want to go digital but don't know how?
forget to pay bills?
miss tax deadlines?
have uncertainty about how to organize tax information?
have unorganized end of life information?
have uncertainty about what to do with papers that come in?
have uncertainty about how to set up a budget?

learn how to organize and optimize your bills.
learn how to cut down on mail clutter and streamline papers that enter your home.
learn how to have effective conversations with your advisors.
learn how to get your budget numbers organized.
learn about the different categories of expenses.
learn the basics behind going digital.
learn how to create a system for current and archive taxes.
learn how to create a filing system for your household papers.
learn where to store VIDs (very important documents).
learn my fool-proof method for getting ready to file income taxes.
learn how to organize “end of life” information.

feel in control of your money.
never miss a bill again.
see a significant reduction in junk mail.
feel confident and prepared for tax season.
understand how to maintain a filing system.
spend less time searching for key papers.
spend less time on bills.
have confidence knowing your future plans.
have less paper clutter and more free time.

how to organize and automate your bills while cutting down on mail clutter.
how to organize your income and expenses to prepare for budgeting.
what key advisors are (accountant, financial advisor, insurance agent, estate planning attorney) and how to have effective conversations during meetings with them.
how to create filing systems for your home and life.
worksheets and checklists to guide you through each section.

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