Q:  How do I get started with J. Ryan Solutions?

A: All of my clients start with a comprehensive 90-minute assessment.  The assessment is held either on-site or virtually, and the cost is $150.  You will complete a comprehensive questionnaire prior to our time together.  Click here to read more about the assessment.

Q:  How do you charge for your services?  What type of payment is accepted?

A: I charge by the project.  After you complete your 90-minute assessment, I will present you with a package price for your project(s).  The package amount is due in full prior to our first session together. We accept check, cash, credit and debit as payment methods.

Q:  What’s it like to work with you on a project?

A: I make organizing a fun, energizing process.  We work in 3 hour increments, because there is something magical about 3 hours.  It’s not too long, and it’s not too short.  I act as your project manager and coach as we work through your organizational goals.

Q:  What’s included with your package price?

A:  Your package price includes:

  • additional organizers if needed
  • donation drop-offs with tax receipt
  • time + travel shopping for supplies
  • paperwork shredding
  • assistance with on-site clean-up + trash disposal

Q:  What if I want to hire you for ongoing services?

A: If you want me to come to your home or business on an ongoing basis to provide organizational support, or to manage a special project, we will discuss my hourly rate and frequency of billing.

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