I love to speak to audiences big and small about all things household management.  You pick the pillar you want me to focus on – Clutter, Cash, Calendars, or Cleaning –  and I will present a dynamic speech that will inspire and motivate those in attendance. I provide all of my attendees with handouts, so they can go home and make a difference in their home today.  I love presenting my signature talk “Home, Inc.”, which is my concept for running your home like a business.

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Home, Inc.

This is my cornerstone speech.  “Home, Inc.” is a concept I created that talks about how to create systems in the 4 pillars of household management – Clutter, Cash, Calendars, and Cleaning.  In this presentation, I explore the why, goals, and action steps of each pillar, inspiring and educating my audience to enact change in their homes. I believe that creating systems in the home frees up time for us to pursue what actually brings us joy in life.  I want to teach as many people as I can about home organization, so that they can reduce stress and increase happiness in their lives.

Organizing Your Home for Baby 

In this presentation, I talk to new and veteran moms alike about how to get organized and prepared for children.  I share tips and tricks, specific to motherhood, within each pillar of Home, Inc. – Clutter, Cash, Calendars, and Cleaning.  I also provide handouts with a simple checklist of items for moms to take home and start their organizing journey. The goal of my presentation is to inspire, educate, motivate and create awareness around creating systems in our homes. 

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