Appliance Maintenance And Its Joys

Yes, you read that right.  I said JOY!  But how can appliance maintenance be joyful?

It’s joyful because it feels so rewarding to thoroughly clean and reset an appliance to its ideal state.  It’s joyful because you know that you’re saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on appliance repair and replacement.  You’re extending the life of your machines, and that is a joy-filled prospect.

Last week, I tackled my dishwasher.  I googled the make and model of my dishwasher and printed the care and maintenance page.  Not only did I learn that there are TWO filters at the bottom of my dishwasher that I should be cleaning on a regular basis, but I learned how to properly insert my utensils into the utensil rack, AND I learned the best way to do a vinegar rinse cycle.  These user manuals are chock full of information that can teach you how to best use the appliances. The same appliances are the ones that you spent a LOT of money on.  You learn tips and tricks, as well as ongoing maintenance that you must execute to optimize these machines.

After I cleaned my two dishwasher filters, I ran a cycle with a bowl of vinegar in the bottom, wiped the rubber gasket with a damp sponge, and sprayed and wiped down the exterior.  Then, I took a step back and admired my work.  It felt SO GOOD to perform this maintenance.  It only took me about 20 minutes, and it was time very well spent.  I was experiencing the joy of appliance maintenance.

Inspiring fellow homeowners

Moreover, I shared my journey on Instagram, and the response was inspiring.  There I had so many people show me their filter before and afters, telling me they had no idea these things existed.  After which, other people tell me that I inspired them to clean out their fridge, hose down their air vents, or clean the lint out of the dryer vent.  I was so happy to hear all of this progress!

When we take care of our appliances, they perform better, and they last longer.  When something is performing well in our homes, we get the daily satisfaction of a job well done.  Think about opening your dishwasher in the morning to freshly cleaned dishes with NO residue or spots, think about opening your washer, and your clothing is well-washed and smells clean (not mildewy), think about turning your heat on for the first time in winter, and it kicks on without missing a beat (no smells or weird rattles).  When we take care of our machines, they take care of us.

Taking care of an appliance will not only help it to last longer, but you will become more familiar with it and may spot an easy fix early before it gets out of hand.  In the past year, we have fumbled through what turned out to be two fairly simple fixes that saved our fridge and washing machine, but had we not been willing to take a look, we might have spent thousands to replace the machines just because they are old “and probably need to be replaced”.

My mission

It is now my mission to document care and maintenance practices for EVERY appliance in the home. And then, share these practices with my community of followers.  We will tackle the oven, fridge, washer, hot water heater, vacuum, humidifiers, coffee makers – you name it!  Then, we’ll move on to some less mechanical items – gutters, baseboards, air vents, ceiling fans, and windows, to name a few.  I want to learn as much as I can and SIMPLIFY the care process as much as possible so that homeowners, like you! Don’t feel overwhelmed by these tasks. You will feel educated and empowered to take 30 minutes and do a quick overhaul on your appliances. 

Let me do the heavy lifting and learning by reading these user guides and searching for the best ways to clean.  I enjoy this process, and I feel it’s my duty to channel this joy and help others!

So, are you with me?  Are you ready to follow me on this journey through our homes?  It’s going to be fun.  It might be a little gross.  But, it will definitely be worth it.


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