I want to focus on cleaning.

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Coming Fall 2021

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have trouble staying on top of cleaning?
feel like your house is dirty all the time?
have appliances that are on their last leg?
not know how to clean?
not know what to use to clean?
want to make your cleaning routine less toxic?
want to simplify cleaning?
not know how to create a cleaning routine?
not know how to maintain larger appliances and systems in your home?
feel overwhelmed by the upkeep of your home?

learn how to create a simple cleaning routine.
learn how to make cleaners using non-toxic ingredients.
learn tips on how to deep clean less often.
learn how to deep clean your appliances.
understand the mechanics of your home’s bigger systems.
learn what to clean and when.
learn how to get your family on board with your cleaning routine.

feel happy when you walk in the door.
elevate the baseline clean of your home.
have a home that smells and looks better.
have new homemade cleaning products that are easy on your wallet.
have a simple cleaning schedule that everyone understands.

how to create cleaning routines for your weekly cleaning tasks.
how to create systems for cleaning and maintaining the machines and appliances in your home.
room by room cleaning quick tips and tricks.
cleaning tools that can help you clean faster and smarter.
how to create systems for deep cleaning your home.
how to make simple, green, homemade cleaners.
how to make cleaning FUN!

Or, if you’d like to get your whole home running like a well-managed business, check out my 4-pillar program, Home Inc.